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What Areas Do You Service?

We provide Gopher trapping, and Wildlife Removal, services in just about all areas of San Diego. 

How do I remove the Skunk odor from my pet?

Mix a solution of Baking Soda, and Hand Sanitizer - like (Purell ®) Mix into a Toothpaste/Peanut Butter like consistency.

Bathe your pet in this solution, let dry, and then rinse with warm tap water. Repeat if necessary.

For Clothes, we recommend spraying with:

Febreze® Fabric Refresher Antimicrobial, let dry, repeat once more if necessary, then wash normally. (this may not work on all clothes)

From Lowes Hardware Stores "ZORB X"





Bathe your pet in this solution and rinse with warm tap water. Repeat if necessary.


There is no way to store this potion. "If you put the ingredients in a bottle, the whole thing would explode."

How do I remove the skunk odor from my House?

You can run your A/C in the summer time. But you will need to replace you air filter after wards. You can also use your A/C set to fan only. There are other measures you an take such as mixing 1 part Bleach to 10 parts Water. Place into a spray bottle and place the nozzle on fine mist then mist the affected areas. You can also try using an Air Sanitizer such as Glade or Lysol. Make sure it is a scent you enjoy. If you are lucky enough to find the source of the stench, then you will have one up on everyone else. You will need to spray all fabrics, curtains, and rugs. And maybe even your couches. You can also try a product called Citrus Magic which is sold in most pet food stores.

What Happens to Captured Animals?

Captured animals are evaluated and depending on their age, health, and various other items they can be either relocated or euthanized.  We care about the welfare of wild animals.  There are laws and regulations outlining what we can and cannot do.  We understand the role that these animals play in the ecosystem.  In some situations the animals cannot be relocated and must be euthanized.  Really young animals are brought to wildlife rehabilitators.  Animals that must be euthanized are done in the most humane possible manner - using a CO2 chamber.  The animals breathe normally with the intake of CO2 the animals fall into a deep sleep and pass with out struggling.  If you are concerned about the what will happen to the captured animal just talk with our animal control specialist. /font>

Does the City or County Handle Wild Animals

The city or county only takes care of domestic (cats, dogs, etc.) issues.  Wild animals can only be handled by licensed trappers.

Do We Use Poisons?

No!  We do NOT use poisons.  We believe poisons are dangerous to people and pets.  If the animal does not ingest enough poison - it can suffer, often times going back to their nest.  Many times poisoned animals die in the worst places - your attics or walls - causing a real foul odor problem.  Sealing off entrance areas, removing food sources, and trapping the animals is the only acceptable way of ridding your self of these pests./font>

Do We Pick Up Dead Animals?

The City of San Diego Will Not remove a dead animal unless its on the street or alley way

  "Our San Diego Dead Animal Control and Removal Team is up for the task and poised to succeed. We can find and remove that dead critter causing that offensive odor."

If your pet (CAT or DOG) has died please call or take it to your nearest Vet.

  • How to remove a dead animal from an attic.

  • How to remove a dead animal from a wall.

  • How to remove a dead animal from under your house.

  • How to get rid of the dead animal smell or odor

The best way to remove a dead animal and get rid of the dead animal odor is to call the professionals at Speedy Animal Control (619)370-2761


Do You Handle Dog or Cat issues?

We do not handle issues with cats or dogs.  You must contact the county or city animal control services.

What Do I Do If My Pet Is Lost?

If you have lost your pet - contact the  San Diego Animal Control - Shelters or the Los Angeles Department of Animal & Control - Shelters.

What Types Of Traps Are Used?

We use traps approved by the State Fish & Wildlife Conservation Commission.  The size, shape, and manner of trap depends on the animal that is to be relocated.

Can I Remove The Animals Myself?

It is highly recommended that only experienced, licensed, animal control specialists only trap and remove wild animals.  In fact, you cannot legally interact with wild animals unless you hold a special wildlife or trapping license.  Wild animals present threatening and dangerous behaviors, often unexpected, when they are trapped or confronted by humans.  Wild animals often carry parasites and diseases that are harmful and sometimes fatal to humans.  Please leave the trapping and/or removal of animals to qualified professionals. 

Do You Handle Insects?

We only handle wild mammals and wild fowl.  If you have an insect problem such as ants, termites, bees, cockroaches, flies, gnats, or mosquitoes - contact a local i>pest control company such as Orkin®, Terminix®, Lloyds Pest Control®, Truly Nolen®, Dewey®, etc.  Speedy Animal Control is NOT affiliated with any of these companies - and their inclusion in this website is for example purposes only.  Exclusion of any other pest control company is not intentional - so check your local Yellow® Pages or other phone book for qualified pest professionals in your area.

How long will it take to catch my animal(s)?

It depends on the animal type, and if they are still in the area. It averages between 3 to 10 days for Raccoons, Skunks, Opossums. Rodents about anywhere between 10 to 14 days to remove all of them. Providing, that repairs are made to keep them out!

Do Wild Animals really contain Disease and Parasites?

Yes and it varies from animal to animal. Many of which are very hazardous to you and your pets health.

I have noises in my Attic, what can it be?

It could possibly be any of the following: Roof Rats, Raccoons, Squirrels, Opossums, or even Bats or Birds. Your Damage Control Specialist will help determine that for you.