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Please add 3% for Credit Card Handling

We also accept personal, and business Checks

Payment is due at the time of service.

For large jobs, payments will be 80% down then 20% in 30 days

San Diego Gopher Pricing:  Starts at $200  ** 

How to figure out what the pricing for your Gopher or Mole problem:

We price according to how many six foot areas/zones you have activity in, mileage, drive time, the number of perceived visits to eradicate the issue, and the danger factor (slippery hillsides etc.)

To figure how many six foot areas/zones of activity you have, try this (most people have an average finger tip to finger tip reach of about six feet.) You can use this to gauge how many areas you have.  Stick your arms out to the side and turn in a circle, everything in that your fingers touch is a zone.

** Other factors that might change the price, is the distance and drive time to and from job, and the number of foreseen visits to remedy the situation. Pricing starts at $200 ** for the service call plus fuel and mileage. This includes one- six foot zone. Additional six foot zones of active gophers or moles will be charged at $50 each. Discounts are given for jobs of over three zones.

Most landscapes can be cured of Gopher infestation in as little as 7 days. We return to the job site every 3 - 5 days for the first two weeks, then once a week for the remainder of the 30 day contract. This means we will be at your home up to four times during the first two weeks.

We do not post exact prices online because each job is different. In order to give you a fair price, we need to gather your information, figure out the best course of action, and then provide you with the appropriate price.

Besides we enjoy talking and giving advise to our future customers.

Drive Time, Fuel Cost, Perceived number of visits to eradicate the issue, the danger factor, (i.e. crawling under homes, breathing toxic dust, such as lead particles, and insulation. The Climbing on rooftops, the use of ladders, the type of tile used on the rooftops such as Spanish Clay, or Cement tiles, if broken these tiles can cost more to replace then the job we perform.) Nuisance wildlife control is a business that requires special wildlife permits, licensing, training and special skills to handle the hazards and risks associated with wild animal control, removal and cleanup.

There are many so called companies doing shoddy work claiming to be "Wildlife Trapping Professionals". Remember, just like any other Responsible Company, we are licensed by the State, and by The California Department of Fish and Game - Wildlife Division, and follow the California Department of Pesticide Regulations, all of our employees are fully licensed as well. We are fully insured. We have Fleet upkeep, and enormous fuel bills.

So if the bill or quote from another "Pest Control Company" seems much smaller than other quotes you have received, then you know they probably have no insurances and most likely no licensing either. Most of those Companies are "FLY BY NIGHT" companies, or are just starting up, and don't have the knowledge to assist you. We have over 30 years of experience dealing with customers and solving their issues.

Our animal control specialists are state-licensed professionals who know how to handle wild, sick, and diseased animals.

Please CALL or TEXT 619) 370-2761
for a no obligation phone.

We understand that these services
may have been provided by the city or county for free, years ago, however, the cities and counties no longer have the budget to provide these services, and that's where we come in.

At speedy Animal Control, pride ourselves on Top Notch Service and Fair Pricing.

Keep yourself protected and always ask any company for proof of Licensing...It will protect you in the long run.


CA LICENSE  # C3078412